This New Dining Platform Is Offering 24/7 Free Home Delivery Service

Home Delivery 24/7

Use this platform and you’ll be ordering straight from the restaurant to your home and avoid third party delivery costs.

Capital Motion launches 24/7 home delivery service

We’ve all been there (especially these days), hankering after a midnight snack or meal.

Salt and caramel offering 24/7 free delivery.

Now, this new platform is ready to deliver tasty dishes from local restaurants around the clock, seven days a week, to anywhere in Abu Dhabi.

Tokyo Grill Abu Dhabi offers 24/7 free delivery.

The platform is owned and operated by Capital Motion Restaurant Management LLC, which owns Pacifico Tiki, Aquarium Seafood Restaurant, Ornina Arabian Lounge, Tokyo Grill and Salt & Caramel Café. 

Enjoy mouth-watering dishes by capital motion. 24/7 Home delivery

Using this platform puts you in direct contact, by telephone or online, with each restaurant, so you won’t have to pay any third-party app charges.

Authentic arabic cuisine at Ornina now available for home delivery.

The company has also put together a home-delivery menu for each restaurant based on the most popular dishes among Abu Dhabi residents. You can tuck into traditional Arabian and Moroccan couscous and tagines, Japanese grills and sushi, or popular international dishes.

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Choose from hot and cold starters, healthy options, and a huge variety of main courses. There’s even a breakfast menu, dessert, coffee, tea and more.

Bon Appetite!

To order call 800 6996 or visit

The food served from these outlets are great to taste and worth your money spent.


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