321Sports – Your ultimate fitness guide this Ramadan

321Sports is the ultimate destination to keep you fit in Abu Dhabi

321Sports, located within Modon Properties, Hudayriyat Leisure and Entertainment District has the ultimate guide to keep you active this Ramadan.

Catering to guests of diverse interests and athleticism, the sports village includes a diverse range of amenities to keep you fit and entertained during the Holy Month.

Contact sports are a good way to maintain your general fitness level and overall conditioning during Ramadan.

Football, basketball, padel tennis, and tennis are examples of such games. Any contact sport necessitates a high level of energy because it can be a strenuous physical exercise.

Best time to exercise in Ramadan


During the fast, with high temperatures and no liquids from sunrise to sunset, you will compromise your health by pushing yourself too much.

It is not recommended to do intensive cardio workouts and heavy weight‑training exercises while fasting. You should also cut your routine down to two cardio sessions a week throughout the holy month.

  • 90 minutes before sunset


A light workout towards the cooler part of the day will mean you can soon replenish yourself with water, and you will reap the benefits of exercising on an empty stomach.

However, any workout done at this time should be low-key with more resistance training, low repetitions and weights, and lots of stretching. This is also a good time for a short brisk walk or light jog.

  • After your evening meal


While cardio can be difficult on a full stomach, around one hour after iftar is a good time for weight training.

On the days you plan to exercise after your meal, you may want to add in a little extra food to fuel your body, and ensure you drink plenty of water to rehydrate.

  • Between 11.00 pm and 2.00 am


For night owls, the best time to work out may be between 11pm and 2am, after your food has had a little time to settle and your body has fully rehydrated.

If you have managed to get some rest in the afternoon, exercising at this time can be favorable, as it is cooler than the day time, and will still leave you with a couple of hours more sleep until you get up to start the day.

  • Between 3.00 am and 4.00 am


For early risers, the best time to work out may be just before your morning suhoor. This way, you will have energy from the previous night’s meal, yet still have an empty stomach.

You can hydrate while you exercise and once you are done you can eat again to refuel. This method will also get you get energized for the day ahead.

Dedicated Ladies Night

Sunday and Thursday nights are exclusively for the ladies, where they can enjoy a game of basketball, badminton and football with friends, at a social or competitive level.

Pre-booking is required to enjoy the range of action-packed offerings.

To learn more and pre-book, visit: www.321sports.ae/ , www.hudayriyatisland.ae/

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