5 watersports activities you will love to try at Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace
Endless fun activities in Abu Dhabi for adrenaline fanatics

Calling out watersports enthusiasts to try out the watersports activities at Emirates Palace. The watersports fun activities at Emirates Palace Water Sports Centre is supported by Abu Dhabi Marine.

Raise your adrenaline levels out on the waters of the private beach at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. The team of professional instructors will ensure adventure seekers of all levels will have an unforgettable moments of the wave.

Select from an array of world-class motorized and non-motorized aquatic activities using state-of-the-art equipment’s.

Make sure to try the below 5 watersports activities at Emirates Palace

  • Jet Ski

Powered by a jet engine, there are few more fun ways to zoom across the smooth surface of the water than aboard one of these motorcycles of the sea. Rent yours from AED 495 per hour.

  • Flyboarding

Unlike anything else you will have tried, flyboarding lives up to its name as jet water propulsion elevates you up in the air giving you the sensation of flying over water. Instructors will guide you at every step.  Adventure starts at AED 660 per hour.

  • Wakeboarding

This water sport has you stand on a wakeboard that is towed behind a motorboat. For experienced wakeboarders, aerial maneuvers and mid-air tricks are all part of the fun. Cost AED 660 per hour.

  • Kite Surfing

This wind-powered water sport combines a kite with a board to propel you across the water for AED 385 per person. Windsurfing this famous combination of surfing and sailing will take some practice. But in no time you’ll be gliding effortlessly across the water. AED 220 per hour

  • Kayaking

Both relaxing and a good workout, set out and explore. AED 110 per hour for family fun or with friends, hop aboard our donut or banana ride at AED 88 per person or take out a pedalo for AED 110 per hour.



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