Abu Dhabi International Airport Welcomes The UAE Space Agency

Hope Probe - Abu Dhabi International Airport
The “Hope Probe” team received a warm welcome by the representatives of Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The UAE Space Agency delegation participating in Emirates Mars Mission launch were welcomed by Abu Dhabi International Airport when they landed on home soil after a flight from Haneda International Airport in Japan.

Following the successful launch of the Hope Probe on 20 July 2020 from the Tanegashima launch pad in Japan, representatives from Abu Dhabi Airports were on the tarmac to welcome the team back into the UAE.

Space Agency Delegates

On the return of the team into the UAE, Shareef Hashim Al Hashmi, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Airports, commented: “The successful development and launch of the Hope Probe is the result of our visionary leadership’s commitment to empowering our talented youth, investing in aerospace technology, and realising the ambition of our nation’s late Founding Father who recognised the potential transformation of the space and aviation industries.”

UAE Hope Probe Team

In line with the objectives of Abu Dhabi Plan and UAE Centennial 2071, Al Hashmi concluded “Developing the UAE’s aerospace sector, through investing in STEM education and the deployment of cutting-edge infrastructure, will have a transformative impact on our nation’s economy and society – encouraging our transition to a knowledge-based economy.

We at Abu Dhabi Talking are proud of the achievement and accomplishments by the UAE leadership and its people.


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