Abu Dhabi roads will have new guidelines for speed management

Abu Dhabi Roads
New guideline ensures highest level of safety & security on Abu Dhabi roads

Abu Dhabi roads to have new guidelines for road speed management. It will detail procedures to assess, review and standardise vehicular speed on existing and new roads.

This is in partnership with Joint Committee for Traffic Safety chaired by the Department of Municipalities and Transport, the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, Integrated Transport Centre and the Department of Health. The team also included representatives from other affiliated municipalities.

The guidelines which help ensure the highest levels of safety and security on Abu Dhabi roads.

The guide is in line with the zero-vision strategy to reduce road accident deaths to zero. It is necessary to have a clear speed management methodology and tools, determination of safe speeds. It takes into account all road users, engineering standards and traffic control needs.

The guidelines aim to improve traffic safety in line with the best international standards and practices.


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