Al Ain Zoo keeps up efforts to protect rare endangered Penguins

Al Ain Zoo Penguins
Rare species of Humboldt Penguins housed at Al Ain Zoo

The Humboldt Penguins housed at Al Ain Zoo are amongst a number of those listed on IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. They are considered highly endangered because of ill-legal hunting and climate change.

There are about 60 penguins that currently live at Al Ain zoo and are cared for in an environment designed to stimulate natural habitat. The zoo has vets, trainers and professionals who specialise in penguins.

Al Ain Zoo has successfully breed penguins during the past years by providing the utmost care needed for hatching mothers and newly hatched chicks.

25th April is celebrated as World Penguin Day and the zoo takes pride in its successful programs and strategies for the conservation of the Humboldt Penguins. These include scientific research, breeding and projects unlike any other in the Middle East.

Zoo visitors can learn all about Humboldt Penguins directly from the caregivers. As part of the visitors experience, learn more about these species through Penguin Feeding and Penguin Parade educating visitors about wildlife.

As part of its mission, the zoo also spreads awareness about this species by educating its guests about how these amazing birds are protected, the dangers and challenges they face in the wild, and the role society and organizations play in preserving nature.

New projects at the zoo will include the first outdoor Penguin enclosure in the Middle East. Here visitors can interact with penguins in their natural habitat, feed and watch them swim


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