Starting today Alhosn green pass mandatory for access to public spaces

Alhosn App
If you plan to visit malls, restaurants or cinemas in Abu Dhabi, this is for you!

Starting today only those with green status on the Alhosn app may access a variety of facilities and attractions. From tracking vaccination status & PCR tests, they have it all at a click! Abu Dhabi has introduced new rules for access to a broad range of facilities and attractions across the emirate from 15th June.

According to the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee (NCEMA), a green pass will be mandatory in order to access venues including:
• Shopping malls
• Large supermarkets
• Restaurants, bars and cafés
• Museums
• Cinemas
• Entertainment centres
• Gyms
• Hotels (and facilities within)
• Public parks
• Public beaches
• Private beaches and swimming pools

On the Alhosn app, green passes (when the vaccination status turns green) are not based exclusively on vaccination status, but on the validity of the individual’s latest PCR test.

Earlier this week, six categories were ruled out by the UAE government, explaining the validity of PCR tests (and therefore green pass) in each.

For all categories, Alhosn’s status will turn grey when the relevant PCR test validity ends. It will turn red when the test result is positive and government isolation procedures will need to be followed.


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