Booster dose now mandatory for Alhosn Green status in Abu Dhabi!

Alhosn App
This applies for all approved Covid-19 vaccine types

Alhosn Green Pass system now requires all users to have received a booster shot. This is in addition to the two initial Covid-19 vaccine doses. Without a booster shot, the Alhosn App will remain grey.

This updated requirement is in force now, and applies to all approved Covid-19 vaccine types. This will effect your ability to enter Abu Dhabi, as well as public spaces within the emirate.

Those that have not been vaccinated, or have not received a booster can still access the capital by showing a negative PCR result obtained within 96 hours.

Although without an active Green Pass, you will not be permitted entry to public spaces (restaurants, malls, hotels) in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Your Alhosn app turns green as soon as you have taken your booster shot followed by a PCR test.

For the Alhosn app to stay greens, a PCR test is required every 14 days. If you have received the booster but your last PCR test has passed 14 days, the app will turn grey.

Those with active, doctor-approved, exemptions will hold a valid Green Pass Status for a period of seven days from a negative PCR test.

In Abu Dhabi you can receive either Sinopharm or Pfizer boosters. Book via the SEHA app or call (800) 1717.

In Dubai only Pfizer boosters are currently available. Book via the DHA app or call (800) 342.

For those who are not vaccinated, individuals must present a negative PCR test result received within the previous 96 hours ( four days ).


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