Bait Al Oud Virtual Concert To Entertain Audience Worldwide

Bait Al Oud

This Bait Al Oud multicultural event will be celebrating the shared traditions between Arabic and Hispanic music.

Bait Al Oud, a virtual concert series will be returning tomorrow for their seventh online musical show. It will be led by Iraqi Oud maestro Naseer Shamma and will feature Bait Al Oud students.

Bait Al Oud is a music institute started by the Department of Culture and Tourism to offer students a strong understanding of musical heritage, history and culture in the region. The institution stands to advance artistic dialogue an expression in the emirate through music and especially traditional instruments.

The students will be entertaining the audiences with a variety of Spanish and Latin American pieces that will be performed using Arabic musical instruments. The performances will be a reinvention of Hispanic classics to highlight the amalgamation of Arabic and Latin American styles in the music.

The entertainment will start at 9:00 pm tomorrow. The internationally acclaimed oud player Naseer Shamma who will be the show’s main runner has released over 60 albums and won more than 60 awards for works that has been released in Italy, Egypt, Algeria, United Kingdom and many other countries. His music aims to spread hope and these virtual concert series are simply an attempt to further the aim of spreading positivity through music.

In preparation for tomorrow, you can enjoy earlier editions of Bait Al Oud’s enchanting musical productions and concerts on the Abu Dhabi Culture YouTube channel.


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