5 Top Tips To Spark Your Child’s Imagination

Children playing blocks

We’ve put together some boredom-busting ideas that double up as learning tools too.

With children spending most of their time indoors, it’s important to make sure that they are spending their time productively. This is the chance to spark their curiosity and encourage them to explore their creative imagination. So we’ve listed some great activities to do with your children.  and to engage them.


Scrapbook for children

An activity as old as time itself, creating a scrapbook never goes out of fashion because you can truly make it your own special memoire. Help your child document their special days and memories. Encourage them to draw a picture or relevant pictures cut from magazines and pen down their thoughts. This exercise not only has them getting artsy but also flexes their writing skills.

Movie marathon

Movies and cartoons are a great place for children to cultivate interest in exploring things that fascinate them. As parents, involve yourself in the process and you’ll soon see the activities you can create around a movie or cartoons series. One childhood favourite has been to watch a movie or cartoon and draw it, write a review, or even enact it. You could also take it one step further and ask your kids to make alternate endings to the story which excites them and has them thinking for hours to find the ‘perfect ending’. You might just discover the next Spielberg or Tina Fey!

Learn a language

Learning Language for Children

Learning a new language is lots of fun and children tend to pick languages up faster than adults. There are many mobile apps or online classes you can enroll on to get this started. We suggest doing this with your children and make an effort to speak in the language daily because it spikes children’s interest to do well. Listening to songs in the chosen language is a great way to pick up on some additional words and get that extra star!

Kids’ corner

Kids Corner for Children

It is important to pay attention to the space you allocate to a kids’ corner. Yes, any space will do but decorate and personalise it with a table, chair, their favourite toys, collectibles and knick knacks. Make a mini home-office for the kids and they will look forward to spending time in their corner and getting work done. Allow them to add their personal touches and you’ll see them take care of it too.


Puzzles for kids

There are several wide-ranging jigsaw puzzles to logic and reasoning puzzles online. Do not place orders for items that interest you, rather let your child make the decision. Puzzles are a great way to keep children busy, but it also requires immense focus and the will to follow through. So, yes, they need to like it!

Children latch onto activities that entertain them. So, the best way to create educational activities that engage your children is by tailoring an idea to something that cater to their specific interest, so it feels like a passion project for them.


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