How CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi has helped people with their stress amidst the pandemic

CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi
Indoor climbing has become increasingly popular!

CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi has proved to be the most adventurous thing that has let people cool-off their stress. You will find yourself indulge in unlimited fun consisting of indoor activities in Abu Dhabi.

Truly gaining momentum as a sport, indoor climbing is becoming increasingly popular. This has nurtured into a sport at CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi over the years. CLYMB™ has made it accessible for all age groups to practice fitness
and introduce fun activities to their daily regime.

Combining basic skills with proper guidance, you can achieve a certain skill set required to achieve the desired results in climbing.

Those seeking a frequent hobby in the region, CLYMB™ is the place for all avid climbers and learners of the sport. Home to record-breaking experiences including the world’s biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber and the region’s tallest indoor climbing wall. The ‘SUMMYT’ at CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi offers endless fun and adventures for all.

For some CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi is a way of life whereas some practice it like a high intensity workout.

Let’s see what the regulars at CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi have to say
  • Ali Al Tajjar – 28 years age

Ali started his journey one year ago and has been a frequent climber with CLYMB™ ever since. Ali aims to climb once every weekend to pump up for a busy week ahead. When asked what role climbing has played in Ali’s life, he said: “It helps me control my stress and allows me to focus more during the week”.

  • Marco Borrello – 37 years age

Marco was first introduced to climbing at the age of 18. Marco not only practices indoor climbing, but also loves to challenge himself with outdoor rock climbing and follows a specific climbing routine to stay in shape. CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi is suitable for amateurs and skilled climbers alike with their five climbing walls.

Challenge your abilities with The Boulder, The Warm-up Wall, The Intermediate, The Advanced and The SUMMYT.

  • Francesca Ferrari Tanca – 33 years age

For Francesca, trying the sport of climbing for the first time last year was a real challenge. It took her a while to gain confidence and to start enjoying the sport. She now finds herself trying different routes and experiencing new challenges as she takes it to the next level. The attraction gathers a consortium of highly trained climbing instructors. They help guests identify the most suitable climbing style.

  • Ashley Howell and Nick Whitcomb

Ashley and Nick go to CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi two to three times a week to harness their climbing skills. They support each other by figuring out different routes and enjoy practicing the sport together. In fact, they are planning to expand their skills with outdoor rock climbing alongside other CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi members and staff in the coming months. Ashley says: “The pandemic has been incredibly stressful and we found climbing to be the perfect getaway.


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