Updates In Abu Dhabi For Covid-19 Measures And Quarantine For Tourists

Quarantine in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi prepares to welcome back international tourists with reduced quarantine periods.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disasters Committee has come up with preventive measures to keep up the health achievements and contain the spread of Covid-19 in Abu Dhabi. The new review measures will come into effect from 24th December 2020. International tourists will be welcomed back to Abu Dhabi from Thursday, 24th December. The emirate updated its quarantine, testing and travel regulations on Tuesday.

Travellers from “green countries” will not need to quarantine under the updated Covid-19 safety measures announced by Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disasters Committee. The changes are part of a move towards full resumption of economic activities.

  • Increase the validity of a PCR test to 72 hours from previously 48 hours to allow entry into Abu Dhabi. The new rule is to take a PCR test on the 6th-day post entry into Abu Dhabi to stay in the city for more than six consecutive days. As per the earlier rule, a PCR test on 4th and 8th day after the entry into Abu Dhabi was in force.
  • The committee has agreed to improve the operational capacity of tourism, economic, and entertainment activities in tune with the prescribed precautionary and safety measures.
  • The committee has decided to do away with the compulsory quarantine rules for travellers who are residents or tourists from green countries. For travellers from other countries, the quarantine period is reduced to 10 days from 14 days. A PCR test is compulsory on day six after entry in case of extended stay and on day 12 if the person stays in Abu Dhabi more than 12 days.
  • If a person carries Covid-19 negative test report on day 8, after coming in contact with a covid-19 positive patient, the quarantine period is now reduced to 10 days.
  • Any person part of the national vaccination programme and Phase III trials having active icons on Alhosn App, the committee has instructed to exempt them from quarantine rules.
  • The committee has decided to introduce Appropriate screening programmes for residents of industrial zones and densely populated areas. The committee approved screening programmes for the employees of companies carrying on commercial activities.
  • Furthermore, the committee has instructed to improve the capacity of SEHA centres outside the city, and to close down the test centre at the entry points.


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