Schools in Abu Dhabi offer on campus Covid-19 PCR tests for students

Covid-19 PCR tests
Students, educators no longer need to visit external testing centers

A new initiative to provide Covid-19 PCR tests for students, educators and staff has been announced. This is a collaboration between Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge administered by health professionals at the Emirates schools. The initiative follows the recent announcement by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) for routine PCR tests.

Routine PCR testing administered across the emirate’s schools are intended to increase convenience for parents, students, educators, and staff. They will no longer be required to visit external testing centers. The PCR test programme will also make school operations more efficient by minimizing impact on students and educators for potentially missing routine test dates and ensuring continuity of teaching and learning. By facilitating ease of access to routine testing, students are able to achieve continuity of education without any interruption to their academic journey.

The number of students returning to physical school across the emirate is high. Protecting the health and safety of students, educators and staff remains the highest priority. As per the NCEMA announcement, all school students are subjected to undertake routine Covid-19 PCR tests. The testing frequency will be defined by the criteria detailing both the age and vaccination status.

Parents would be informed by the school with regards to the testing schedule.


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