Motorcycle awareness campaign launched for deliverymen in Abu Dhabi

Deliverymen in Abu Dhabi
The campaign aims at the safety of deliverymen and following traffic rules

The deliverymen in Abu Dhabi and the UAE have been doing a thankless job of safely delivering your food on time. However at times they risk their lives to continue the strive for on-time delivery.

The Joint Committee for Traffic Safety in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has launched its motorcycle safety awareness campaign. The aims to enhance the safety and security of UAE’s roads and promote road safety amidst motorcyclists.

The campaign specifically targets deliverymen in Abu Dhabi and UAE employed by restaurants, consumer goods stores, courier services across different sectors. The campaign comes in line with the Vision Zero strategy launched earlier this year, which aims to eliminate road fatalities.

The campaign urges motorcyclists and companies working in the delivery field to abide by all traffic and road safety rules.  Hence avoiding any illegal behaviors that might endanger drivers and road users.

What are some of the primary causes for motorcycle accidents?
  • Speeding
  • Non compliance with road lanes
  • Wrong overtaking
  • Failure to indicate with sidelights when overtaking and veering after lane changes

The Traffic Safety committee called on companies in the sector to provide their drivers with all necessary safety equipment. These include helmets and clothing suitable for motorcyclists, which should be worn at all times. Front and tail lights and tires must all be functional, and reflective stickers must be placed.

Deliverymen in Abu Dhabi are encouraged to adhere to preventive measures like avoiding driving in bad weather and not to park on pedestrian crossways and entrances and exits of homes and buildings in order to maintain the traffic flow.


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