Earn Traffic Point Deduction with ‘Accident-Free Day’ Pledge

Accident-Free Day
أبوظبي في

Safer Driving, Fewer Points

The Federal Traffic Council has launched a commendable initiative “Accident-Free Day” to encourage safer roads by offering a deduction of 4 black traffic points.

As part of the “Accident-Free Day” campaign, participants can actively contribute to road safety and earn the benefit of fewer black points on their record.

Aligned with the new school year, this initiative encourages widespread participation. To avail the point deduction, individuals must sign the pledge linked on official social media accounts, Ministry of Interior websites, and police command platforms.

On this designated day, participants should ensure no traffic violations or accidents occur. This collective effort aims to establish a culture of accident-free days, inspiring a safer road environment for everyone.

Brig. General Engineer Hussain Ahmed Al Harthy, Chair of the Federal Traffic Council, emphasizes the initiative’s purpose.

This initiative falls under the umbrella of the nation’s traffic sector initiatives, designed to enhance road safety awareness and encourage active involvement.

It serves as a motivating reminder of the significance of responsible driving and road safety.

By adhering to traffic regulations consistently, participants can earn a valuable reward of 4 black traffic points deduction.

This initiative is a testament to the unified approach adopted by various entities to realize the UAE’s vision of safer roads.

The “Accident-Free Day” initiative is aligned with the nation’s commitment to sustainable development and safer roadways.


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