Employees At National Corporation For Tourism And Hotels Get Vaccinated

National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels
More than 10,000+ employees at National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels are already COVID-19 vaccinated

The health and safety of every employee remain the top priority of National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels (NCTH). Most of their staff have already received the vaccination shot: Corporate Office’s management and employees working at the catering and support division, hotel industry, transportation and retail department.

The UAE government has done an incredible job to ensure everyone stays protected in the face of COVID-19. The ‘Choose to Vaccinate’ campaign has been a remarkable effort in educating the public, encouraging everyone to make the right decision and get vaccinated. National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels (NCTH) decided to step up in supporting this nationwide campaign by encouraging and inspiring everyone to get the vaccine shots.

Hany Farag, CEO of NCTH, said, “I strongly believe that vaccination plays a crucial role in combating the pandemic. It protects not only the employee but their families, our partners and our valued guests too.  With the given uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic situation, getting the vaccine has added confidence to every employee in the company to continue working in a safe workplace environment”

At the National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels, including its portfolio of hotels, catering, transport, and retail divisions, they are surely in this together in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and in protecting everyone’s health and safety around them.


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