Etihad Airways Have Updated Their Passenger Requirements

Etihad Airways
All passengers travelling with Etihad Airways leaving Abu Dhabi will need to present a negative test certificate.

Initially only passengers travelling to Switzerland, the UK or any other European country required to have a negative test before they could embark on their journey. However, starting 16th August, this rule will apply for passengers travelling to all destinations from the capital.

Children below 12 years old and people dealing with mild to severe disabilities will not need the test result to travel on the flight. The tests will be valid only if they are done 96 hours prior to the travel date.

The rules for travellers coming to UAE remain the same wherein they need a negative test from an established clinic that will be checked on arrival at the airports.

However, to land in Abu Dhabi they will no longer need the ICA permits but are still required to update their data like Emirates ID, passport number and citizenship on This is only for individuals with active resident visas.

As of now, apart from Etihad Airways, there is no confirmation if these rules apply to all the other airlines in the emirate and is yet to be updated.

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