Face masks will no longer be required in many places in Abu Dhabi

Face Masks
Abu Dhabi to drop mask mandate in many places starting 28th September

The wearing of face masks is no longer mandatory in many indoor public places in Abu Dhabi. People will be required to wear their masks only in places of worship, hospitals and public transport starting 28th September.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority ( NCEMA ) ruling typically affects Abu Dhabi.

Other Emirates in the UAE are to adopt the decision.

In other key decisions announced in the television briefing, the officials said

  • Schools will not require teachers and students to wear face masks
  • Airlines to decide if wearing a mask is obligatory or not
  • Abu Dhabi residents will be required to have tests once every 30 days to keep the Al Hosn App green. It was 14 days previously.
  • No social distancing is required in places of worship
  • Only the person who has tested Covid-19 positive requires quarantine. Those in close contact with the Covid-19 patient doesn’t require quarantine.
  • The number of daily Covid-19 cases will no longer be published by the government.
  • People will be able to visit the malls, supermarkets, bars, hotels and restaurants without being required to wear mask.

Until now, people had to wear their masks in restaurants, supermarkets or dining at a cafe or restaurants.

The decision to drop face mask rules altogether is among the most significant easing of restrictions since April 2020.

Cases in the UAE have been steadily dropping and have reached a daily level of between 300 and 400 positive test results


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