Fines in Abu Dhabi are being enforced for bicycles, electric bikes

Fines in Abu Dhabi
Amount varies from AED 200 to AED 500

Abu Dhabi Police has announced the start of enforcing fines in Abu Dhabi on violations of bicycles and electric bikes regulation for individuals. This is in cooperation with ITC of Department of Municipalities ( DMT ) and Abu Dhabi Police.

The regulation on the usage of bicycles and electric bikes in Abu Dhabi sets out the amount of fines for non-compliance with its provisions. These fines include an amount that varies between AED 200 to AED 500 for each the following.

Failure to adhere to the safety instructions and standards or violations related to riding bicycles on prohibited roads and areas. The goal is to implement the highest standards of security and safety, promote positive behaviours.

ITC’s efforts are implemented aiming to diversify transport means to establish an integrated and sustainable transport system. This is to improve quality of services available to members of the community. It supports ITC’s inclination towards environment-friendly transport means in Abu Dhabi.

Bicycle and electric bikes are one of the “first and last mile” services that link public bus stations, shopping malls, services and residential areas.

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