Five Tips About Teeth Cleaning You Can’t Afford To Miss

Teeth Cleaning
Simple and effective tips to keep your teeth clean

Feeling fresh with attractive pearly teeth is not that easy! There are some teeth cleaning secrets you should know to maintain a perfect oral hygienic. Poor oral hygiene will help microbes to flourish and puts you at high risk of contracting different types of diseases. Make some changes in your lifestyle to avoid falling ill die from harmful microbes.

Here are some of the tips to maintain healthy and clean teeth.

  • Avoid brushing after meals

Wait for at least 20 minutes before you brush after your meals. Dentists say that while eating your mouth becomes acidic and brushing immediately after meals would wash away the enamel from your teeth. This makes your teeth weaker and may lead to dental problems.

  • Skip mouthwash

Just like brushing immediately after the meals, wash away the enamel, using mouthwash after brushing would wash away the fluoride over the teeth. Brushing is a great way to provide fluoride protection to your teeth and will prevent tooth decay.

  • Change your brush

Dentists advise to change the toothbrush every 3 months. Once the toothbrush bristles break, it will not clean your teeth properly. If a toothbrush can’t reach all areas of your mouth, the toothbrush is of no use. Dentists recommend using a new brush after recovering from flu, throat infection, or sore throat to escape from germs.

  • Eat Cauliflower

Natural ways to maintain oral hygiene are always better and using cauliflower to whiten teeth is an awesome way to maintain healthy teeth too. Continuous use of whitening products will make teeth very sensitive and increase the risk of having bad teeth.

  • Two-minute rule

You should brush at least twice a day for continuous 2 minutes. Carefully spread the paste throughout your mouth and avoid rinsing after that. This will help to create a fluoride layer and rinsing immediately would wash away the fluoride from your mouth

Let us know what do you think of these teeth cleaning tips.


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