Il Forno Review: Here’s what we think about their Iftar offerings

Il Forno Restaurant
Did you know Il Forno is one of the oldest restaurants serving Italian cuisine in
the UAE.

Visiting Il Forno in Abu Dhabi to try their Italian meal was always on my check list. We wanted to explore why this Italian chain was a hot spot for many in the UAE.

Located in Mushrif mall, we decided to check out what Il Forno had in store for their Iftar offerings. The good part for a restaurant located in the mall is the ample parking space and convenience. We finally reached Il Forno, Mushrif mall to enjoy an evening feast with the family.

Il Forno Pizza

To our surprise, the place was busier than usual which gives you a positive nod that there is something special about the place and we were in the right direction to try them out.

We were welcomed by the lovely server Beverly who was very polite and kind enough to guide through the exciting  Ramadan menu. You could say we were already tempted with the Iftar promotions Il Forno had for its customers.

Spicy Wings

To try something new is always an experience, my husband and myself were quite excited to explore and taste how the fusion of Italian cuisine would go well with Indian and Arabic flavours.

Penne Pasta

Our pick from the menu was the Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza, Shawarma Pizza and Spaghetti Tre Formaggi. For our evening coolers we were recommended their best seller blueberry and passion fruit Mojito’s.

I thought it would take some time for them to serve us, however we got our meals pretty quick.


The Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza was colorful and flavourful which had these chicken breast marinated in Indian spices ( garam masala ) and Greek yogurt and turmeric baked to perfection. It was a totally a different experience with Indian flavours on a pizza. To conclude, you have to try this!

The Shawarma Pizza was made from tender slices of marinated beef baked tomatoes, parsley, onion, sumac, pink pickled, radish and jalapeno with tahini sauce. This reminded me of shawarma on a pizza.

Now if you literally love cheese try the Spaghetti Tre Formaggi which is their timeless dish made from Gongozala cheese, parmsan and cheddar cheese.

Mojito specials at Il Forno

Make sure when you order the Mojito, you can request the server to avoid the sugar, the taste is perfect!

The portion served is good enough for 4 people and yet we couldn’t finish the entire meal. You cannot end your meal without trying the Cannoncini Al  Cioccolato which is a desert you have to try.

For the Holy month of Ramadan, Il Forno is having some really great offers, click here. Overall Il Forno is a casual Italian joint offering you variety of flavours, great price point and serving portions.

If you are a large group of friends or a big family, this is your perfect to-be place.

Next time, I’m going to try their pizza by ordering directly to our home.


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