Inspiring Unity: Abrahamic Family House Unveils Diverse Interfaith Events

The Abrahamic Family House

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The Abrahamic Family House is proud to announce its upcoming program, featuring panel discussions and events focused on the themes of peaceful coexistence and the transformative role of faith in shaping culture, inspiring the arts, and addressing global challenges.

Our programming brings together an array of experts, including community leaders, scholars, religious figures, and artists, fostering meaningful conversations on these vital topics.

Inter religion workshop

Moreover, the Abrahamic Family House maintains a vibrant calendar of community events, workshops, and club activities, all of which are open to everyone.

In the coming months, these sessions will encompass workshops dedicated to sustainable practices and inclusive group discussions designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences across generations. Additionally, we’ll be offering a captivating series of film screenings, poetry readings, and literature presentations.

Furthermore, within the Abrahamic Family House, each of the three Houses of Worship – the Eminence Ahmed El-Tayeb Mosque, St. Francis Church, and Moses Ben Maimon Synagogue – organizes separate religious services and programs tailored to the distinct faith communities they serve.

The panel program kicks off with “Rethinking Sustainability and Peace through a Spiritual Lens” on 21st September. This enlightening session will explore the religious teachings and theological principles that underpin sustainable living practices within Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Then, on 27th September, “Art Symbolisms Across Faith Traditions” will delve into the profound significance of art and calligraphy within these three religions. We will showcase how art serves as a powerful means of expressing religious experiences and nurturing spiritual growth.

Embark on a journey of enlightenment, harmony, and cultural exchange at the Abrahamic Family House.

Together, we will celebrate diversity and build bridges of understanding.


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