Jason Momoa Takes the Wheel: Burning Rubber on Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Circuit

Fast and Furious 10 Inspires Jason Momoa’s Racing Skills on Yas Island

Yas Island’s Chief Island Officer, Jason Momoa, recently showcased his driving skills by burning rubber on the Yas Marina Circuit. The event was in line with the global release of Fast and Furious 10, and Momoa took the opportunity to mentor his friends on the art of racing on Yas Island’s award-winning track.

He shared valuable tips on achieving total balance, clutch control, and eye focus, while leaving nothing but smoke behind.

Momoa also demonstrated the importance of becoming one with the car to achieve true harmony on the track. He likened the experience to that of a tiger ready to pounce, with eyes wide open and a clear focus on the prize.

In an epic head-to-head race, Momoa put his skills to the test, leaving his opponent in the dust as he drifted around the corners of the track with ease. Even while racing, he managed to casually pour himself a cup of hot tea, a true testament to his mastery of the car.

As the race came to a close, Momoa took a friendly lap around the Yas Marina Circuit, showing fans how to #LiveitUpLikeMomoa. The event was a thrilling display of skill and power, and Momoa proved himself to be the ultimate Chief Island Officer.


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