1 million mangrove trees to be planted on Jubail Island in the next decade

Jubail Island
Jubail Island supports UAE’s efforts to expand mangrove forest

Over 1 million mangrove trees to be planted on Jubail Island over the next decade. This is to support UAE’s effort to expand the mangroves forest in the emirate. The initiative is in alignment with the UAE government and the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency.

To date, 350,000 new seedlings have already been planted on Jubail Island. Over the next decade, an additional 1,000,000 additional new mangroves will be planted. This is in support of the country’s ambition to plant 100 million mangroves by 2030.

Jubail Island has partnered with Etihad Airways to plant another 182,000 mangrove trees in the next five years on the Island. The new mangrove initiative will allow the introduction of new water channels to increase natural tidal flow conveyance into the surrounding wetland areas.

Ponds, labelled as ‘Biodiversity Genesis Zones’, have also been created within the new channel system. It will improve the flushing of the channels to enhance the overall water quality within the wetland system. These new littoral zones have been shaped adjacent to existing areas of the mangrove forest and saltmarsh. They will create additional habitat for native species.

Mangrove forests are an important part of the UAE’s natural assets. It provides a haven for wildlife while also helping reduce carbon emission. It releases oxygen and reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways and coasts.

We have to support UAE’s forward thinking of planting 1 million mangrove trees over the course of 10 years right here within the island.

This planting initiative will further enhance Jubail Island position as a hub of ecotourism in Abu Dhabi.

Nestled among the breath-taking natural beauty and rich biodiversity of the mangroves, and covering more than 2,800 hectares, Jubail Island is perfectly situated between Yas Island and Saadiyat Island.

It will become Abu Dhabi’s leading sanctuary designed to appeal to wellness and nature enthusiasts.


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