Martabaan Elevates Indian Cuisine To New Heights


How do you revolutionise a cuisine so rooted in tradition?

So while most fails to innovate, Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi at Emirates Palace succeeds in blending tradition with ingenuity.

Celebrated chef Hemant Oberoi lends his master touch to come up with Indian food that pay homage to its past without lacking in creativity.

Delectable dishes like Varqui Crab, Dum ki Nalli, Masala Chai Crème Brulee, Chicken Tikka Fondue and Chocolate Shawarma take Indian cuisine to a whole new level in taste and playfulness.

The opulent setting only adds to its tasteful grandeur.

From splendid views of the Arabian Gulf’s tranquil blue waters to elegantly appointed dining rooms to chic Indian aesthetics – Martabaan by Hemant Oberoi embraces its ‘contemporary classic’ billing to the fullest.


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