Attention park goers! Here’s something to beat the heat in Abu Dhabi

Park Goers in Abu Dhabi
Keep cool in this heat

Park goers, the capital is introducing 4 new misting systems as an initiative to keep the mist off the gardens and keep it cool for the early risers & fitness fanatics. Abu Dhabi has planned this as a a pilot project to refresh residents as they walk along the Corniche.

The project involves spraying walkers with a cooling mist and demonstrates the city municipality’s eagerness to cater to those exercising in the summer months when temperatures can soar up to 50C.

The pilot project included a study on the use of mist on fast walking and running tracks in the Mohammed bin Zayed City Public Park, experimenting with four different misting systems.

In a Q&A session with the residents, authorities has come to the conclusion to chose the final system based on quality and sustainability. Smart sensors will contribute to controlling the flow of mist so that they waste as little water as possible.

It works on the basic principle of how water evaporates! The finer the mist, the more effectively it can cool an area.

Motivated much for your exercise by the park tomorrow?

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