Cassiopeia’s Ghost Nebula Photographed from Abu Dhabi Desert

Ghost Nebula captured in Abu Dhabi Desert

A 23-Hour Photographic Marvel from Abu Dhabi Desert.

The Al Khatam Astronomical Observatory in Abu Dhabi Desert has captured a stunning image of the ‘Ghost’ Nebula, also known as “Cassiopeia’s Ghost,” located 550 light-years away. This cosmic marvel, composed primarily of ionized hydrogen gas and dust, lies within the Cassiopeia star group.

The nebula’s unique shape and striking colors were revealed through the observatory’s main telescope, boasting a 36 cm diameter. The image is a composite of 464 exposures, each lasting 3 minutes, taken with hydrogen, sulfur, and oxygen filters. This meticulous process, totaling 23 hours of imaging, unveiled the nebula’s breathtaking details.

Cassiopeia’s Ghost appears red due to ultraviolet radiation from a nearby giant blue star, Gamma Cassiopeia, which is not visible in the image. The light blue hues result from the reflection of rays off the nebula’s dust, adding to its ethereal beauty.

The Abu Dhabi-based International Astronomical Centre in Abu Dhabi Desert shared this awe-inspiring image on X, highlighting the observatory’s achievement in astrophotography. The detailed image showcases the nebula’s intricate structure and vibrant colors, offering a glimpse into the wonders of the universe.

Experience the beauty of the ‘Ghost’ Nebula, an extraordinary celestial object captured from the heart of the Abu Dhabi desert, showcasing the marvels of our cosmos.

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