Residents urged to avoid driving in Abu Dhabi

Driving in Abu Dhabi
Dust blankets all of Abu Dhabi and might continue until Thursday

Residents in Abu Dhabi and some other emirates woke-up with dust blanket this morning. Residents in the capital and other emirates have been urged to avoid driving.

Massive sandstorm affected several areas of the country prompting authorities to issue weather and traffic alerts.

A fine layer of brown dirt caked homes and landmarks in major cities in the UAE. Visibility plunged  in the latest adverse weather following a series of choking dust storms around the Middle East.

Separate areas of the UAE witnessed rain of different intensity and the formation of dense dust. Avoid driving in Abu Dhabi as the horizontal visibility is reduced to less than 500 metres. The country has been affected by the extension of the surface air depression extending from the east to the west.

The upper atmosphere led to the flow of moist air masses from the Arabian Sea and the Sea of Oman towards the region and the country, and it will continue until next Thursday.

The formation of dust and raised dust and a low horizontal visibility of less than 1000 meters began at Al Ain International Airport and Zaaba in Al Ain city at 3:15 am, and at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Sharjah International Airport, Al Bateen Airport in Abu Dhabi, Al Dhafra region and in separate parts of the country.

The National Center of Meteorology called on the public

  • To exercise caution and caution during heavy rains and low horizontal visibility.
  • Stay away from the places where the valleys run.
  • Adhere to the variable speed shown on signs and electronic sign boards.

Abu Dhabi’s official media office urged motorists to “avoid driving unless absolutely necessary.”

Visibility was below 1 kilometre in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on Sunday. The Abu Dhabi Police urged residents to avoid driving.

The residents need to abide by the traffic instructions to ensure everyone’s safety on the road. The police also urged them not be distracted by taking any videos or using the mobile phone.


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