Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Has Started Welcoming Visitors

SHeikh Zayed Grand Mosque
With Covid-19 measures in place the attraction has been permitted to welcome visitors once again.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has been a treasured attraction by both worshippers and tourists had been closed for seven months to now be opened for visitors. The authorities had made sure that the required rules and regulations to keep people safe are in place. The opening was announced on Saturday by the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, the National Emergency Crisis and the Disaster Management Authority.

Last year the mosque saw a whopping 4.1 million tourists visit the mosque from all over the globe of which the largest were from India followed by tourists from China, Russia, Germany and France. Evidently, the opening of the mosque following UAE’s decision to issue tourist visas is a sign that the country’s tourism sector is ready to host and entertain.

Of course, as is the norm all visitors are required to wear masks and exercise social distancing in the venue. Thermal cameras are installed to monitor body temperatures at all entrances. Anyone showing signs of high temperatures will be taken to an isolation room to await healthcare teams to come and check the individual.

The mosque for now will not distribute any audio devices or clothes as it used to avoid risk of contamination. The visitors will need to book their visits online on the official website so that the team can control crowds at the venue.

Stay tuned to the social media channels to read about all the regulations in place and also to enjoy the guided tours of the landmark that will now only be streamed online for viewers till further notice.


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