The National Sterilisation Programme Officially Ends

Eid al-Adha

Residents and nationals of the UAE can now stay out as long as they want, including here in Abu Dhabi.

The National Sterilisation Programme has now officially ended and earlier restrictions are being amended.

After months of rigorous sterilisation of the capital and the country’s streets and over two million tests, the UAE is now easing curfew regulations and you can now go out at any time of day and night.

The UAE government has also eased age restriction of those entering malls. Children now under 12 years of age are permitted to enter malls across the capital.

However, restriction still remain in place for those senior citizens aged above 70.

Residents are still being advised to maintain the utmost in safety measures, such as the wearing of masks and gloves.

All public venues are still enforcing social distancing rules and are opening on 30% capacity only.So while the storm seems to have passed, we still need to be vigilant.


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