Schools In Abu Dhabi To Reopen Classes With Not More Than 15 Students

Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge has released new rules for schools regarding the return of students to class on 30th August.

It has been decided that younger pupils will return to class first with pupils between fours and eleven will have in-person classes. Classes up to Grade 5 under the American curriculum, and for FS2 to Year 6 under the British curriculum will commence at the end of the month.

The decision has been done to monitor students’ transition within the health and safety measures in place and how they adapt to them. The classroom sizes are restricted to 15 students and they always need to maintain social distance of 1.5 metres between each other. This is in addition to the mandate of both faculty and children above 6 years having to wear face masks. There would also be daily temperature checks of the school authorities and students.

All the teachers, employees, staff, and students aged 12 and above from the private schools will need to be tested for Covid-19. As of now, sports and other extracurricular activities will be paused till the supervision period is over. The recess timings will be alternated between class groups to avoid crowding by the students.

School will be subject to regular inspections to ensure that their operations adhere to the government guidelines. Schools have been conducting online classes since March 9. This decision to stagger the return of school students has been on account of the decrease in average cases in the capital and the region.


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