The Big Splash Circus : Here’s a book you must check out!

The Big Splash Circus
The path to self-confidence for children.

‘The Big Splash Circus’, written by Karina Choudhrie, is a children’s book that will teach them about the importance of self-confidence. This is a 48-page story of a circus starring Lantern Fish, Crab, Jellyfish and Starfish. Lantern Fish, unsure of its talents, heads out for an adventure with friends to seek his true capabilities.

On this journey, Lantern Fish moves towards the light that teaches him acceptance, self-discovery and learning. Published by Medina Publications, this book focuses on a theme that encourages trying without fear, believing in yourself and your talents, never stop trying as well as celebrating every child’s talent.

Now adding another feather to her cap by being a children’s novelist! She is also a jeweler & gemologist with her own jewelry line – K&Co.

Karina Choudhriea

Karina Choudhrie says, “The book’s mission is to celebrate talent in each and every single child, spreading kindness, love and laughter. I am passionate that children should be encouraged to bring their talents to life, and my book is designed to help them on their journey. The world is a beautiful place. Let us keep it that way.”

In celebration of her book, Karina Choudhrie is hosting online sessions for schools on storytelling. The sessions are 45 minutes long and will be available for booking via [email protected]

Additionally, ‘The Big Splash Circus’ website has teaching material for teachers, as well as fun activities for children and parents, to help cultivate their talents.

The book is now up for grabs on the website for Dhs 30.


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