Make use of your Whatsapp to book appointments with SEHA in Abu Dhabi

WhatsApp msg for appointment
Your doctors appointments made easy

Healthcare just got easier for residents of Abu Dhabi with the most user-friendly platform for all age-groups. Now you can book healthcare appointments through Whatsapp with facilities provided by SEHA – Health Services Company.

In a statement, SEHA announced these Whatsapp booking services will complement other booking services by SEHA’s call centre and patient portal. It is assured to be 70% automated & will pertain to appointment related interactions with ease. Patients will be able to make, manage and follow-up on the upcoming appointments, display all booked appointments & access general information. You will also be notified about the latest news & updates within the app.

It is very user-centric as they have carefully taken into consideration all customer feedback. The Whatsapp service is directly aligned with the patient portal, ensuring all bookings, changes, cancellations & updates are carried out on time.

To start using these services, all you have to do is register & authenticate your phone number using your Emirate ID. Upon successful authentication, you can start booking an appointment.

Download the SEHA app on iOS or Android. To register, call 80050. To connect on Whatsapp, message 02 4102200.

We now know, if its a routine check-up for yourself or the family, your appointments are a Whatsapp message away.


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