What makes ‘Boxed In’ a unique indoor entertainment in Abu Dhabi

Boxed In
Boxed In is an indigenous concept like no other in Abu Dhabi

Launched at the Abu Dhabi Mall, ‘Boxed In – Think It’ is a unique indoor entertainment and
an ideal concept for all businesses.

With witty puzzles and quirky themes, testing challenges and more, ‘Boxed In – Think in’ welcomes workforces from corporations of all sizes. Discover this one-of-a-kind experience that simply looks like 12 tightly locked black boxes.

Boxed In offering team building exercise

Colleagues or teammates are then implored to look a little closer to find the subtle hidden riddle or clever mechanism that will help them unlock the first padlock, and reveal the fantastic labyrinth of puzzles that
lies within each one.

If you are skilled with numbers, thinking logically, seeing the wider picture or being creative will play a key part. ‘Boxed In – Think in’ is a team activity keeping individuals engaged and creating a much stronger bond.

Team Building exercise at Boxed In

Team building activities have always been proven for countless benefits to businesses. This
includes increased productivity levels, enhanced communication skills and improved morale.

The same innovative minds behind the award-winning TEPfactor Dubai and Prison Island Abu Dhabi, ‘Boxed In – Think In’ is open daily at Prison Island in Abu Dhabi Mall. From 10 am to 10 pm, with prices starting from AED 125 for adults.

For more information call 058-8199176 or visit www.boxedin.ae


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