Covid-19 Test Conducted Every Two Weeks For Workers In Abu Dhabi

Covid-19 rules in Abu Dhabi
All café, restaurant & supermarket workers in Abu Dhabi to be tested for COVID-19 every two weeks.

Owners of commercial entities ( restaurant, cafe, supermarket ) in the emirate of Abu Dhabi must test all employees for COVID-19 test every 14 days, and bear the cost of testing. In a statement on social media, the ADDED said it has issued a circular to this effect, and that the testing guidelines will come into effect on January 10, 2021.

They apply to all commercial establishments licensed as restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, groceries, bakeries, butchers, vegetable and fruit retailers, malls, and commercial centres.

“These directions are in line with the preventive measures issued by the respective authorities in Abu Dhabi, and [they] aim to create a safe and healthy environment while limiting the effects of the pandemic,” the ADDED said.

The two-week requirement for COVID testing however excludes workers who have received the vaccine that is now available free of charge at health centres in the emirate.

In an on-going continuous effort by the Department of Health- Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre have launched a free covid-19 vaccine campaign for all nationals and UAE residents on Monday to curb the spread of Covid-19. For more information click here.


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