World No-Tobacco Day: Don’t let Tobacco take your breathe away

An annual awareness program is sponsored by W. H. O  on 31st May every year.

This drive is mainly focused on youth consuming or marketing big tobacco companies. To encourage a healthy lifestyle, World Health Organisation (WHO) highlights on health risks & also lay down stringent guidelines by putting government policies into action.

“8 million people die from tobacco use.” – says W. H. O.

To curb this rate, endorsements of such products need to be banned. Celebrities, sportsmen, media, influencers shouldn’t be finding ways to reach their target audience, rather bring a shift by curbing the use of tobacco.

To falsely attract young people, big companies have come up with saleable ways to market their products. Some of them are evident whereas some are trying too hard.

With attractive flavours, brands are wooing the young minds. To ensure they do not leave without the coolest designed box of cigarettes, big companies play a lot with design & the look of these death-bed boxes!

Also, with some unproven claims, vaping is falsely considered less harmful than cigarettes since many years. Hefty- some of money is splurged on endorsements and promotions of such products. There should be a ban on such promotions. What was the need for a vending machine that rolls out cigarettes? Cannot find one? We, neither!

The early you start smoking, the earlier are the chances of getting addicted. For many, it is just a dire need for showoff! For others, it is an addiction they don’t want to let go!

This is why it’s so important for young people to stay away from smoking and vaping.


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