Zomato discontinues its food ordering service in UAE

Customers ordering from Zomato’s platform will be redirected to Talabat

Starting 24th November, all Zomato customers ordering food will be redirected to Talabat. The food ordering service from Zomato will discontinue in the UAE from 24th November.

Customers looking to order food will be directed to Talabat’s food ordering app. At the same time Zomato will continue to build on its restaurant discovery and dining out business.

Customers can continue to order from their preferred restaurants on the Talabat app, including many of their Zomato-loved brands.

Restaurant partners can also choose to join Talabat to grow their businesses, while offering their customers the delivery experience.

Zomato said it is “redefining the way our customers experience dining out” through the launch of new features called ‘Vibe Check’ and ‘Zomato Pay’.

The food ordering app will initiate payouts for all pending amounts, as well as refund all amounts corresponding to any valid and unutilised credit notes issued for advertisement services into restaurants’ bank accounts by December 30, 2022.


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