You might be eligible for 10-year Golden Visa in the UAE

Golden Visa
UAE Golden visa scheme expanded
Many skilled employees and special talents in the UAE are unaware they might be eligible for a 10 year Golden Visa.Often eligible employees do not apply for long-term residency as they are unsure about qualifying or are unaware how to go about applying for it.The UAE has recently expanded the scheme allowing more categories of people to get the coveted 10 year Golden Visa.Companies can do well if they help eligible employees get long-term visas. Doing so would show the company is looking for longevity of talent as opposed to filling requirement for short terms.An employer can help facilitate the issuing of visa either by ensuring an employee is on a monthly salary of AED 30,000/- or offering the PRO assistance to the application.With the recent changes that came into effect, more skilled professionals are eligible for the 10 year Golden Visa. The minimum salary requirement has dropped from AED 50,000/- to AED 30,000/-Disciplines include medicine, science, engineering and information technology, business and administration, education, law, culture and social science.Applicants should have a valid employment contract in the UAE.If you are in Abu Dhabi check out the priceless possession by the presidential palace here


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