6 Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi offering you tempting flavours

Indian cuisine is the most sought after cuisines in the whole world

Do you know anyone who hasn’t been to Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi? Who doesn’t love a good Indian curry or tandoori items. The Indian cuisine in itself is so diverse and culturally rich! Different states in India bring something different to the table and thus Indian Cuisine brings many flavours to the palate.

Here is an amazing list of Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi that offer you the true taste of India.

  • Namak at Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

Indian Restaurants - Namak

Distinct, aromatic, colourful and flavourful are just among the unique illustrations of each dish in Namak. Inspired by the traditional and regional recipes of India, menus are creatively enhanced to eccentrically offer a culinary journey that is memorable and noteworthy.

Be welcomed with the ornately carved wooden door, bold colour scheme, gracious and warm reception that will transport you right away to the vibrant and cultural feel of India.

For reservations call 02-6988317

  • Punjab Grill

Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Punjab Grill is renowned to bring alive the true authentic flavours of India. Led by Executive Chef Sandeep Ail, the menu embraces flavourful curries, kebabs, and classic Indian desserts, An exciting gastronomic twist giving diners an authentic, yet modern experience of the Indian cuisine.

The restaurant offers an impressive spread of progressive and classic fine North Indian/Punjabi fare as well as a selection of unique signature beverages.

This cuisine has a long-standing tradition, and is famous for very rich, buttery and uniquely flavoured dishes like Palak Patta Chat, Dakshini Shrimp, Spinach Fritters, Laccha Palak Paneer & rich gravies like Goan Prawn Curry, Butter Chicken and more

  • Peppermill

Prawn Biryani

Peppermill is a casual dining restaurant offering Indian cuisine with inventive recipes and alluring flavors. At Peppermill they change the notion that Indian haute cuisine can only be created using old recipes and ideas. Each element of Peppermill upturns traditional expectations.

For reservations call 02-6225586

  • Khazana Grain of Salt

Khazana Grain of Salt

Khazana Grain of Salt delivers a unique combination of modern Indian, pan Asian, and continental flavors. It showcases mastery in the art of culinary expertise of internationally renowned Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

The restaurant offers a fantastic array of options that appeal to diners who value a range of choices featuring classic mains, desserts, and signature creations.

For reservations call 02-6777333

  • Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor is a fine dining destination that serves authentic Indian dishes, created by internationally recognized and award winning Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Make sure to visit this restaurant as they have some signature dishes to die for!

For reservations call 02-6664343

  • Laung by Peppermill

Chicken Biryani

Stimulate your palate and gratify your senses with Laung by Peppermill. This is a fine dining restaurant offering Indian cuisine with inventive recipes, alluring flavors.

If you are seeking to explore beyond the ordinary and rediscover Indian fine dining, Laung will take you to a journey where the evolution of contemporary Indian cuisine takes place.

For reservations call 02-8868877


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