La Patrona Brings Authentic Mexican Flavors to Abu Dhabi

La Patrona, Abu Dhabi
La Patrona, Abu Dhabi

Mexican food lovers in Abu Dhabi have a new reason to celebrate. The acclaimed taqueria La Patrona has opened a new location in Abu Dhabi City Center, offering an immersive culinary experience into Mexico’s rich food culture.

Founded by passionate Mexican food enthusiasts, La Patrona brings a true “taqueria” experience to the UAE, offering a menu rich with traditional dishes like Birria, Barbacoa, and Chicken Pastor.

Each dish is crafted using authentic Mexican spices and handmade tortillas, ensuring an authentic taste that transports diners straight to the streets of Mexico.

La Patrona’s menu features a variety of tacos filled with carefully marinated meats and vegetarian options.

Highlights include Rib Eye Tacos with grilled rib eye steak, Chicken Pastor Tacos with authentic achiote, and Shrimp Riviera Tacos with garlic shrimp and pineapple pico de gallo.

abu dhabi la patrona
La Patrona, Abu Dhabi

Vegetarian choices like Vegan Pastor Tacos made with jackfruit cater to diverse tastes.

Upon entering the new Abu Dhabi City Center location, customers are greeted with vibrant murals depicting Mexican history and culture.

From the ancient Aztec civilization to modern mariachi music, every element of the decor is designed to immerse guests in a true Mexican environment.

The attention to detail extends to the dining experience itself, with marinades and salsas made using traditional methods and fresh, high-quality ingredients.

The freshly handmade tortillas, available in both corn and flour varieties, are a standout feature, adding an authentic touch to every dish.

With four locations already operating and plans for further expansion, including three new delivery points and a prime dine-in location in Dubai, La Patrona aims to establish itself as the foremost authentic Mexican brand in the UAE.

A new world of Mexican flavors has arrived in Abu Dhabi at La Patrona’s latest location, now open daily from 11am to 11pm at Abu Dhabi City Center.


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