A wide number of UAE residents are at risk of under-insurance

A wide number of UAE residents are at risk of under-insurance
A new policy by Yallacompare protects residents against unexpected injuries.

In the Middle East, Yallacompare, a leading finance website, recently announced its 24/7 personal accident extension. An extra-value benefit included with all motor insurance plans to cover accidents that occur outside of the vehicle.

In addition to protecting customers against accidents while travelling on private and public transportation. At home, in public and abroad, the policy also protects them against unexpected injuries sustained from accidents. When you’re unable to work, you’ll still have financial obligations such as school fees, rent, and utility bills, which most health insurance policies won’t cover.

“Yallacompare are uncovering and addressing a lot of misconceptions that UAE customers have about their current motor and medical insurance policies, many of which have come as a big surprise to them. We don’t want them to suffer undue financial stress the worst should happen,” said Luke Craven, Head of Strategy, yallacompare.

24/7 Personal Accident covers the policyholder for a lump sum of AED 200,000 in case of accidental death or permanent total disability. Prices start at only AED 33 fils per day.

Yallacompare also campaigns to dispel the misconception that sports-related injuries will automatically be covered by private health insurance. Some sports injuries are not covered by private medical insurance, such as rugby injuries, football injuries, cycling injuries, and weightlifting injuries. Many people have been left unable to pay for expensive knee operations, leg breaks and other emergencies medical care once ACL reconstruction surgery in the UAE costs up to $9,000. In addition to providing cover for emergency medical expenses as well as disability and death, the Personal Accident Cover for Sports is tailored to address the specific needs of sports clubs and one-off sporting events.

The super-affordable coverage fills any coverage gaps in a customer’s personal health insurance or automobile insurance policy. At the moment, the two products are not being sold as standalone plans, however, yallacompare assures customers that the cover will be available to purchase separately very soon.

For more information, please visit yallacompare.com


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