Abu Dhabi Issues New Fines For Health Insurance Violators

Health Insurance
The Department of Health in Abu Dhabi have announced a decision that outlines 43 violations that will be fined.

As of Tuesday, the government released new health insurance regulations that customers need to follow. It also states that any employers failing to cover health insurance costs of an employee will be penalised for AED 1,000. The fines for the listed 43 violations range from AED 100 to AED 20,000 with an AED 5,000 fine on anyone who allows other people to use their insurance.

Insurance providers all need to be diligent as they too can be fined for not abiding by the stipulated rules and regulations, For instance, a health insurance company can be fined to AED 20,000 for delayed payments or not covering their customers healthcare needs adequately.

The Abu Dhabi Media Office as expressed on Twitter, “The decision emphasizes the government’s wishes to secure the rights of all parties, and to provide continuous healthcare service to all community members.”


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