10 Year Golden Residency Visa Received By 3 Faculty Members At NYU Abu Dhabi

Golden Residency Visa
Three NYU Abu Dhabi staff received their golden residency visa in recognition of their research work.

The 10-year golden residency visa is a big feat and is only awarded to individuals who make significant contributions like scientists, doctors, investors, entrepreneurs and other individuals whose work target at furthering UAE’s foot holding in the field.  Ali Diabat, the Professor of Civil and Urban Engineering, Nidal Hilal, the Professor of Engineering and Director of NYUAD Water Research Center and Panče Naumov the Professor of Chemistry are the research experts who were awarded the residency on account of their outstanding contributions.

Professor Ali Diabat whose been a UAE resident for more than 12 years studies the different applications of optimization and operations research that looks at logistics and supply chain management, healthcare management, and production planning. Having published over 150 research journals and being awarded several teaching excellence awards, his work has contributed substantial academia in the field of engineering systems and managements.

Golden Card Residency Ali Diabat
Professor Ali Diabat

The second recipient, Professor Nidal Hilal is a chartered engineer (CEng) in the UK, a registered European Engineer (Euro Ing), and an elected fellow of both the Institution of Chemical Engineers (FIChemE) and the Learned Society of Wales (FLSW). His body of work focuses on devising cost-effective solution in nano-water, membrane technology, and water treatment. He has over nine books under his name in addition to co-authoring book chapters, Professor Nidal Hilal is internationally recognised in the field of desalination and also serves as the Editor-in- Chief of the international Journal Desalination.

Golden Residency Nidal Hilal
Professor Nidal Hilal

Finally, Professor Panče Naumov  who has been at the NYU for 8 years is a contender in the field of materials science, focusing on design and implementation of smart materials for energy, water, and robotics applications. In addition to being the founder of the UAE Chapter of the American Chemical Society, he has been awarded several prestigious awards and chaired multiple academic review boards. Not only has he reviewed over 60 international journals, he has held different positions all streamlined to add to the literature in his field of research.

Golden Residency Visa Pance Naumov
Professor Pance Naumov

In short all these three educators are stalwarts who have generated original work that have enhance the literature and scholarship in their respective genres. Achievements that no doubt deserve to be commended!


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