ZAKU Water: A Premium Natural Mineral Water Brand With Health Benefits

Premium Natural Mineral Water
A Latvian premium natural mineral water brand is working on expansion in the UAE.

Known as the ‘Land that sings’, Latvia is also popular for its vast forest expanses, scenic beaches and beautiful architecture. It so happens that this tranquil country and the UAE have had a longstanding relationship with UAE being the first Arab country to open an embassy in the Baltic region. This was naturally followed with the Latvian embassy being set up in Abu Dhabi establishing not just diplomatic relations but also strong economic dealings through import, export and business ventures.

Zaku Water

Founded in 1994, ZAKU Water is a bottled natural mineral water brand that is the product of a family owned company. It was started by family of doctors in an attempt to bottle natural mineral water with health benefits for the consumers. The water is bottled at the source in Garkalne District, Vidzeme, Latvia. It originates from carefully protected underground source surrounded by nature reserve and vast pine forest. The area is environmentally pristine clean and is guarded day and night to avoid any pollutants. The water is bottled in its original untreated state and have low sodium content with an alkaline level of pH 7.6 which is ideal for the body.

Zaku Water

The health and style conscious water brand has had a physical presence in the UAE since 2020 and is now looking to expand its presence based on increased interest in the region. “We are delighted to offer ZAKU natural mineral water to residents and visitors of UAE and we are sure they will enjoy the sublime blend of taste and aesthetics delivered to them by our friends and partners in UAE – Swift Trading”, quote by ZAKU Water founder Renars Renemanis.

Ever since 2014, entrepreneurs from both UAE and Latvia  have extended their operations to both regions in the sector of consumer food brands, IT, tourism, medical equipment and supplies, construction in addition to active participation in local corporate exhibitions. ZAKU Water is simply an extension of these dynamic relations and we are excited to see how the brand extends its reign in the seven emirates.

To order your batch of ZAKU Water, visit their instagram profile where you can also admire their sleek and stylish packaging.


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