Abu Dhabi Airports reports 22.4 million passengers in 2023

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Abu Dhabi’s airports experienced a significant surge in passenger traffic in 2023, welcoming 22.4 million travelers, according to official data released by Abu Dhabi Airports in collaboration with the Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi (SCAD).

The Key Transport Statistics 2023 report revealed that arrivals through the emirate’s airports reached over 11.1 million, while departures stood at 11.3 million.

The Indian subcontinent emerged as the top region for both arrivals and departures. It accounted for approximately 3.2 million arrivals and 3.5 million departures. Western Europe, Asia, and GCC countries followed as the next most popular destinations.

Al Ain International Airport recorded 51,067 arrivals and 43,945 departures, with an additional 1,763 transit passengers. Zayed International Airport saw 1,011 transit passengers.

Aircraft traffic through Abu Dhabi’s airports grew by 27.8% compared to 2022. Zayed International Airport handled 141,225 flights in 2023, up from 110,536 in 2022. Al Ain International Airport recorded 8,409 flights, an increase from 7,598 in 2022.

Cargo operations also showed significant activity. The emirate imported 319,993 tonnes of goods, with Asia being the primary source. Exports totaled 238,644 tonnes, with Western Europe as the leading destination.

Al Ain International Airport contributed to cargo operations with 1,263 tonnes of exports and 501 tonnes of imports in 2023.

Abu Dhabi Airports noted that the report’s data includes information from Al Bateen Executive Airport, providing a comprehensive overview of the emirate’s aviation activities in 2023.


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