Abu Dhabi Police Warn Against Tailgating with Release of Crash Video

Abu Dhabi Police
Motorists can be fined Dh400 for tailgating in the emirate

Abu Dhabi Police are cracking down on tailgating, warning drivers about the dangers of leaving insufficient space between vehicles.

The police have shared a video on social media that shows a car tailgating another on a four-lane highway in the emirate. As the driver behind moves at high speed towards the emergency lane, the vehicle side-swipes the car in front. Both cars spin out of control and veer across the four lanes, into the central reservation.

To prevent such accidents, drivers will be fined Dh400 for tailgating and given a penalty of four black points on their license. If they cause an accident, they will have to pay a fine of Dh5,000 within three months to avoid their car being impounded and auctioned.

Abu Dhabi Police issued more than 45,000 tailgating fines in 2021. Cameras in the emirate are equipped with the latest monitoring technology and can identify both vehicles – the one in front and the other that is tailgating.

It is the responsibility of motorists to move into lanes on the right-hand side of the motorway if travelling at slower speeds to help avoid such incidents. New traffic measures were introduced at the start of April on the first and second left-hand lanes of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road.

Motorists travelling below 120kph on sections of the major Abu Dhabi motorway could receive fines of Dh400. The third lane and the last lane, for use by heavy vehicles, will not include minimum speed requirements. The maximum speed limit for the route, which links Abu Dhabi and Dubai, will remain at 140kph.

So, if you’re driving in Abu Dhabi, make sure to leave enough space between your vehicle and the one in front of you.


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