Abu Dhabi’s Protected Areas In Spotlight

Abu Dhabi's protected Areas in spotlight

A five-part documentary produced by National Geographic Abu Dhabi and Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi puts the spotlight on the emirate’s protected areas.

The soon-to-air docu-film titled Explore Your Environment features Abu Dhabi’s diverse flora and fauna.

Viewers will get to learn more about the hundreds of plant species and migrating birds that visit these locations as well as the steps being taken by authorities to protect these habitats.

The buck doesn’t stop there.

NatGeo Abu Dhabi Kids, meanwhile, will roll out on 14th July its 16-episode interactive series titled Green Thumb.

The show hosted by young environmentalist Razan Mohammed promotes sustainable farming as well as practical tips and lessons for children.

It also features agricultural experts as guests, who discuss a step-by-step approach to building a farm, starting with understanding the evolution of the plant’s growth over a specified amount of time.

The shows are in Arabic but with English subtitles. For more information, visit: natgeotv.com/me

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