Ajyal Schools – You can apply for free schooling from Grade 1 to Grade 4

Ajyal Schools
The government will bear all the operational expenses and student fees

Eligible expat students and Emirati’s who are currently enrolled in the government schools, can join the ‘Ajyal (generation) schools. This is according to Emirates Schools Establishment ( ESE ).

The new model for government schools ( Ajyal schools ) will be implemented from academic year 2022-23 in partnership with the private sector. Parents have the right to choose an appropriate school for their children within the vicinity of their residential area.

The school timings and calendar for the new model schools will remain the same in public schools.  There will be no additional fees paid by the students.

All costs will be borne by the government which includes the operational expenses and students’ fees. The new model will be applied to students from Grade 1 to Grade 4. This will be in all the 10 schools under the supervision of Emirates Schools Establishment.

The model will be extended to the fifth and sixth grades in 2024.  Student can then move to government schools that follow the UAE curriculum at any time.

Emirates Schools Establishment concluded, no student will be affected by the new model as all their academic results and reports will be kept. Students will be equated as per the institution’s marking system.


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