Al Ain Zoo adopts world-class technology in wildlife conservation

Al Ain Zoo
The oldest animals in care have exceeded their normal life expectancy

Al Ain Zoo has been able to nurture a rich variety of animals to which it is home. Al Ain Zoo has announced the ages of some of the oldest animals in its care have exceeded their normal life expectancy in the wild. This includes a 47 year old lappet-faced vulture, 36 years old chimpanzee and a 34 year old mugger crocodile.

The life expectancy has exceeded by tens of years as they have been protected from over hunting and inevitable urban sprawl.

Al Ain Zoo Vulture

The zoo currently has 4,000 animals by implementing state-of-the-art, fully tested and highly successful programmes. They adopt modern technologies in the process of registering, monitoring, genetics, studies, vetenary care and behavioural rehabilitation of abused animals.

It also used ZIMS zoo aquarium animal management software. ZIMS is considered to be one of the best global reliable source of information on an animal.

In addition, the Zoo utilises advanced genetic conserving programmes to maintain genetic integrity. This is to ensure the preservation and sustainability of species, with the possibility of releasing some healthy offspring into the wild to help repopulation.

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