Al Ain Zoo Observes World Lion Day to Raise Awareness for African Lions

Al Ain Zoo

Safeguarding Africa’s Pride

Al Ain Zoo proudly commemorates World Lion Day, an annual event held on 10th August. It highlights the urgent need for safeguarding African Lions from the brink of extinction in their natural habitat.

These majestic creatures are currently labeled as “Vulnerable” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List assessment, underscoring the criticality of conservation efforts.

With a mission to drive awareness about the plight of African Lions, Al Ain Zoo has become a sanctuary for 22 of these magnificent creatures, thoughtfully distributed across various enclosures within its premises.

The zoo is unwavering in its commitment to providing the highest standard of veterinary care, nutrition, and overall well-being, adhering to international benchmarks.

A consortium of wildlife experts and skilled veterinarians work in tandem to ensure the holistic well-being of the lions in their care.

The zoo consistently seeks avenues to enhance the habitat and welfare of its lion population, signifying its deep dedication to these remarkable animals.

The zoo aims to elevate its renowned lion exhibit to offer an enriched experience to its visitors.

Safety and enjoyment take center stage, allowing patrons the privilege to observe the lions engage in their natural daily activities within a secure environment.

At the heart of its initiatives, Al Ain Zoo stands as a proud custodian of various wildlife species, including lions.


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